Terms & Conditions

A Solid Guarantee

Marieannach Jewellry & Design belives that communication is the key to successful outcomes.  

I make and sell my designs in good faith.

If there is a problem with a piece I will happily repair, replace or refund an item.

know it is sometimes tricky to buy online so I will happily refund if you are so unhappy with your hand crafted artisan made unique piece. But you must notify me within 30 days of purchase. 

I work really hard with you to ensure this does not happen. But if it does then please take the following steps:

* email me or call me to let me know that you are unhappy at marieannachjewellerydesign@gmail.com or

call on: 0438651221, +61 438651221 if you are outside Australia

*wait until you receive your refund label

*package up the wayward piece safely and securely

*attatch the label

*put it in the post

*when I get the package i'll send you a refund or make the repairs or replace the item whichever is relevant 

* *NO refund on gift card**  

Please don't except a refund if the piece has been damaged on purpose... I will know! These things are personal to me I have made them with skill and care just for you.

Call me though I may be able to fix it for you.

Don't be shy please talk to me if you have an issue.

Kind regards.


Payment terms

It is a requirement of Marieannach Jewellery & Design that your order is paid for in full at checkout.


There are multiple payment options for your convenience.


Personalisation such as sizing (for rings and bangles) and choice of gem  are alo to be paid for in full at checkout.


Custom Designs

Full custom designs require a NON REFUNDABLE deposit for materials to be used for that order. The balance of  payment for the order is required before delivery and once the client is happy with the order.

Payment terms and personalised lay-by plans for custom designs can be negotiated on request.