Terms & Conditions

tt is a requirement ofMarieannach Jewellery & Design that your order is paid for in full at checkout.

Personalisation  such as size adjustment and choice of gem colour are also to be paid for in full at checkout.


Full custom designs require a NON REFUNDABLE deposit for materials to be used for that order. The balance of  payment for the order is required before delivery and once the client is happy with the order.

Payment terms for custom designs can be negotiated.


Marieannach Jewellry & Design belives then communication is the key to successful outcomes.  I make and sell my designs in good faith.

If there is a problem with a piece I will happily reair, repalce or refund an item.

There are no refunds for change of mind. I will however be happy to help where possible.

Don't be shy please talk to me if you have an issue.

Kind regards.