The  Dragon Bowl is an etched Celtic design.

Made from brass the bowl measures 7cm X 2cm.

She's really cute and is just right for showing off, or keeping safe your small personal treasures.

At a great price and unusual they make a great gift.

Celtic Dragon Bowl

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$58.50Sale Price
  • Brass will tarnish over time, it is a natural product and that is what it does.

    The bowl will come with a wax polished finish which will last a while. 

    Once you notic i changing colour, you will either love its natural process and see where it goes, or you can keep it shiny by: washing with hot soapy water, rinsing, then apply some Brasso (gthis is good for copper too) rub it in well let it dry the rub off the dry produvet, be sure to follow that by washing again with hot soapy water and dry it well.

    Now you have a shiny bowl/

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