Ehh... I want to start a blog...but what shall I say?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

I have been thinking about writing a blog for ages now and the reason it has taken me thlong is I still have a fear of what will I say? What is it that followers would want know? My life and past, my life as a jeweller, what do I get up to in my time off? Do I have time off? What are my passions? Are you interested in how things are made? Do you want to know simple ways to make your own things? jewellery classes? How do I keep a blog interesting, entertaining?

The list could be endless and guess to improve on something you need to start in the first place.

I guess my biggest fear in writing a blog is boring the pants off of potential readers so hold on tight here we go.

A bit about me.

I am Scottish by birth and nature but now Australian in life and very at home in the land of Oz. I live to the north Adelaide, currently in Salisbury, with my partner in life (Also Scottish, I had to bring him with me!) and my two dogs Cucch the Border Collie and Abbey a Staffy x English Pointer they are my fur kids, my only kids

I was a career nurse of 20 years in then had a really freak accident at work. The accident leaving me disabled with severe chronic pain and unable to work as a nurse I turned to my creative side which was a life saver and one that I didn't know I had.

Your really don't know what you've got in you till you try.

So now I am a happy creative and rarely look back.

I'm sure that Covid amidst all of its tragedy will spawn some to the worlds best creatives. I seems to be very much in human nature to make the best of any situation. Never say never.

My jewellery life.

I fell in love with making from metal. I started by joining up components, bead, motifs, charms and things, to make necklaces and earrings. They started off really bad and looking back I mean awful. But things get better with practice, you get neater and more cohesive.

I got to a point where I wanted to know how to be more professional so I went to the local Arts collage, The Adelaide Collage of the Arts, a part of the TAFE vocational education system. I had such a fantastic time learning all the skills and techniques of a jeweller and object maker. With the skills the lecturers had to offer and I lot if hard work I came out with an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design.

Now with a great big 'itch' to scratch wanting to learn more. Ba of Creative Arts 2021 here I come.

Bold statement and feather light

You see the result of the 'itch' in my online store and on my social media pages. Also you are around at the local markets and events you'll meet me and my goods in person. I am quite shy and don't consider my self to be at all photogenic so I shy away from putting my face in front of the camera. I rarely put up photos of my self which is apparently a detriment on social media so i guess i'll put my make up on and grimace in a photo .........soon! Lol

Watch out for new thing getting added to my store I'm always up to something.

Ta ta for now and enjoy a few pics I have added. K

A ring of golden promise.

Spice spoon in silver

Flower drops

A little Grace necklace

Lovely little Iolite

Large Peony bowl

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