Hi welcome to Marieannach Jewellery Design. My name is Karen, I am the owner, designer and maker of all the peices you see here in my online store.

I have had a passion for making jewellery since 2013.

I love all things nature, organic shapes art history and the wonderful periods and movements it has held. They did after all influence the world we live in today.

I am especially fond of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Fauvism. Japonism, cubism and the Impressionists, and all the colours and textures and emotions that they evoke.


The envirionment today is a concern for all and Marieannach is no exception. I endeavour to waste as litte as possible, zero waste is my target. I recycle metals and when I need to buy from companies that sell recycled materials.

I reuse packaging so if you get somthing a little crumpled looking that's why. 

I try my best to buy my gems from known sources. 

Qualified with an Advanced Diploma in Jewellery and Object Design.

There is always room for the development of lots of fun and interesting designs to add to your jewellery collections, tablewares to wow your friends and dining guests. Perhaps you will find a few treats and trinkets just for you or you friends to enjoy.

I look forward to working with you and in providing great designs to collect.